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Textile and textile machineries
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Yarns, Apparel yarns

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LANECARDATE key facts:  Quality Reliability Service  Top of the range woolen yarns  No minimum Stock Service for all yarns  Matching fabrics, boiled wools and jerseys Sustainability- Traceability-Textile&Health Founded by a family of wool business entrepreneurs since 350 years ( precisely since 1663), in the traditional wool district of Biella, Lanecardate offers only natural fibers of excellence. The founders family own the 100%of the share (also trough Lanificio Vitale Barberis Canonico that owns 40%of Lanecardate) and has believed and invested in the Piemonte textile since 350years. Quality, realiability and customer service are the key values of the company and the entire team. To Lanecardate, the ETHICS of raw materials refer to the concepts of: -Production chain – meaning TRACEABILITY -Origin of raw materials - meaning DIRECT SUPPLIER RELATIONS and selection of farms -Production process – meaning 100% IN-HOUSE PRODUCTION -Reduction of impact in waste treatment – meaning ECO-FRIENDLY BEHAVIOR. All the by-products generated during the production process are recovered and sent to other textile manufacturers for re-use. NO WASTE ALLOWED.


8.000.000,00 €

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English , French, German, Spanish, Portuguese

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chiara bianchi maiocchi - 0159840035

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