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Textile and textile machineries
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Fabrics, Apparel fabrics, Apparel & furnishing products, Apparel (men), Fashion accessories

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Driven by entrepreneural vision and favoured by the momentum of the early 1950’s, Giuseppe Angelico establishes the Angelico fabric mill in Ronco Biellese. The skill of the professionals involved, the culture of a certain style and the premiere quality of the raw materials purveyed are the traits that have, since this very beginning, distinguished the evolution of this project, transforming an artisan weaver into a company of primary importance within the Biella textile scenario. Alberto e Massimo currently bring forward their father’s original mission by combining technological innovations and adapting to the changes that have occurred internationally over the more recent years. Angelico’s role as a market leader is the result of a worldwide presence and of their nurturing growth which has enabled a totally vertical production of 20,000 meters of fabric per day and the direct distribution of excellent products in their retail stores. The constant requirement for reliability together with the highest production standards are guaranteed through its totally vertical manufacturing cycle. Spinning, warping and weaving operations are carried out in the two plants in Ronco Biellese, while dying, finishing and all testing is staged within the Biella plant. Service is based on dialogue, hence the company exhibits at the most important international shows and works closely with the major markets: Europe, North America and the Far East. The mill also offers a vast selection of fabrics that are always immediately available and are shown among our bunches-books. Since the 2005/2006 season, Angelico is the main sponsor of the Biella basketball team. This commitment identifies and reflects all the values in which the company pledges: its roots within the territory, the wealth of a sound and fair sport, and the importance of traditions.


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